Dokumentation: Ethiopia & Eritrea Peace Treaty and End of UN-Sanctions

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Two events dominated the development of the last three months in the Horn of Africa: Eritrea and Ethiopia signed a peace treaty and the United Nations lifted the sanctions imposed on Eritrea. Both events are to be welcomed and will promote development in the Horn of Africa.

After the new Ethiopian Prime Minister Ahmed Abiy announced in June 2018 that he would accept the ruling of the International Arbitration Court on the demarcation of borders, relations between the two countries have changed dramatically. In September, a peace treaty was signed between the two countries that puts an end to the 20 years of war. „Dokumentation: Ethiopia & Eritrea Peace Treaty and End of UN-Sanctions“ weiterlesen

Dokumentation: Horn of Africa. A Region of Changes and Challenges

In June 2018, the Ethiopian Prime Minister, Dr. Achmed Abiy, accepted the Algiers Agreement and the Ethiopian-Eritrean Border Ruling. This move came for many by surprise. The announcement was welcomed by the Eritrean Authorities. On 9th of July both countries announced a joint declaration of peace. All these developments have been documented in the first publication in this series “A new Era: Eritrea – Ethiopia in Peace”. Since then the drive to peace and cooperation between the two countries have gained momentum.
Furthermore, it spread all over the crises-ridden region of the Horn of Africa. Eritrea settled the longstanding dispute with Somalia. Djibouti and Eritrea decided to settle the border issue. Ethiopia urged Eritrean opposition groups to not work from Ethiopian territory against Eritrea no more. Eritrea herself broke peace agreements with Ethiopian opposition groups and their military wings. With the agreements with Somalia and Djibouti, Eritrea is next to the lifting of the UN-sanctions.

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Dokumentation: A New Aera. Ethiopia – Eritrea in Peace

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20 years after the outbreak of war between Eritrea and Ethiopia, 18 years after the armistice and 16 years after the arbitrable judgment, an unforseen development put an end to a period of “no war – no peace”. Both countries and their peoples had suffered for years. But today hope prevails.
On July 9, 2018, Eritrea and Ethiopia announced a joint declaration of peace.
Both presidents Ahmed Abiy of Ethiopia and Isayas Afwerki of Eritrea share the will to overcome the past. President Abiy’s visits to Asmara and president Afwerki’s visit to Addis Abeba have mobilized hundreds of thousands, in Addis even one million of jubilating people. The peace process has gained momentum.
Quite a lot of problems still remain to be solved. But the important first steps have been done and more will follow.
This documentation collects some recent articles to get a better understanding of these thrilling days in June and July, days that changed the political map at the Horn of Africa. The documents have been taken from news agencies and official newspapers. The selection is not based on a scientific research but aims to give an overview on the development.
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