Dokumentation: Horn of Africa. A Region of Changes and Challenges

In June 2018, the Ethiopian Prime Minister, Dr. Achmed Abiy, accepted the Algiers Agreement and the Ethiopian-Eritrean Border Ruling. This move came for many by surprise. The announcement was welcomed by the Eritrean Authorities. On 9th of July both countries announced a joint declaration of peace. All these developments have been documented in the first publication in this series “A new Era: Eritrea – Ethiopia in Peace”. Since then the drive to peace and cooperation between the two countries have gained momentum.
Furthermore, it spread all over the crises-ridden region of the Horn of Africa. Eritrea settled the longstanding dispute with Somalia. Djibouti and Eritrea decided to settle the border issue. Ethiopia urged Eritrean opposition groups to not work from Ethiopian territory against Eritrea no more. Eritrea herself broke peace agreements with Ethiopian opposition groups and their military wings. With the agreements with Somalia and Djibouti, Eritrea is next to the lifting of the UN-sanctions.

Meanwhile the harbors of Massawa and Assab are open for Ethiopian imports and exports. The first Ethiopian ship to dock at Massawa was “Mekelle”, named after the capital city of Tigray – what a symbolic sign!
Plans being made to build an oil-pipeline from Assab to Addis Abeba and to revamp the oil refinery of Assab. To export the huge deposits of potassium in the Colluli region that covers both sides of the Eritrean-Ethiopian border, a new harbor at Anfile is discussed. Ethiopia would benefit – as Eritrea does – of a very short access of 75 km to the coast, instead of the more than 700 km access to Djibouti.
In the present documentation, we compile texts and analyses about the recent developments of the month of August and the beginning of September, as it may help to gain a better and deeper understanding of the tremendous peace process that takes place in the Horn of Africa.

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Compiled by Hans-Ulrich Stauffer

Basel, September 2018