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Moses Cloete: Monitoring Multinational Corporations through Local Activists

19. Feb 2016 von 12:15 bis 13:45

Afriqu’à midi

How can multinational corporations be compelled to maintain minimum social, environmental and economic standards? An encounter with the director of the Bench Marks Foundation Moses Cloete.

The Bench Marks Foundation is a South African NGO seeking to ensure that multinational corporations, in the mining sector in particular, meet minimum social, environmental and economic standards. To this end the organisation trains young people locally to observe, document and report whether companies comply with these standards. The young activists are enabled to communicate their findings via the social media. Moses Cloete, the vice director of Bench Marks Foundation, will expand on examples of environmental and occupational hazards for workers and communities created by present and past extractive activities in South Africa. He is currently in Switzerland to support the Responsible Business Initiative (Konzernverantwortungsinitiative) that seeks to ensure that companies with headquarters in this country are compelled to integrate the protection of human rights and the environment in their business practices.

Afriqu’à midi is a joint lunch-time discussion event coorganized by the Afrika Komitee and the Centre for African Studies Basel. Drinks are provided, please bring along your sandwich.


19. Feb 2016
12:15 bis 13:45